Synergistic ResearchFoundation Power CablesnewSynergistic Research Foundation Power Cables - New Old Stock ClearanceNew Old Stock Clearance. Still available: 1 ea. Foundation High Current (10ga), 5ft, US-Plug, retail $699 (sales price $349.50) 1 ea. Foundation High Current (10ga), 5ft, US-Plug, 20A IEC, retail...349.50
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Synergistic Research Foundation Power Cables - New Old Stock Clearance [Expired]

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New Old Stock Clearance. 

Still available:

1 ea. Foundation High Current (10ga), 5ft, US-Plug, retail $699 (sales price $349.50)
1 ea. Foundation High Current (10ga), 5ft, US-Plug, 20A IEC, retail $724 (sale $362)
2 ea. Foundation High Current (10ga), 5ft, Schuko Plug, retail $699 (sales price $349.50)
1 ea. Foundation (12ga), 5ft, Schuko Plug, retail $599 (sales price $299.50)

Setting the bar for what is possible at an attainable price
Just as with the Foundation Series IC’s and SC’s these new power cables will set the bar for what is possible at an attainable price. Experience Foundation Series and experience the very best of high end cable performance that rivals what SR’s competitors charge thousands of dollars for. And like all Synergistic Research products you can audition Foundation Series power cords in your home system risk-free.

SR Foundation AC Cords 12 gauge 5ft - $599 Global MSRP ($60 add. 1ft)
SR Foundation AC Cords 10 gauge (High Current) 5ft - $699 Global MSRP ($70 add. 1ft)

Winner of Hifi Fidelity’s RED Fingerprint Award - Wojciech Pacula writes (09/2020):
"...the Synergistic Research Foundation cable system is an antidote to the omnipresent “hi-fi” in the sense that it does not prove or impose anything. Its sound is absolutely smooth and incredibly pleasant. The high treble is smoothened here and even withdrawn a little with the interconnect and the power cable. On the whole, this is beneficial, as the low bass is much more audible thanks to it and the plasticity of recordings is shown more clearly...these are cables suitable for long listening sessions, for pleasure and for fun, i.e. for something that most audiophiles have forgotten about – it is time to refresh our memory!" CLICK HERE to read the entire review

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As a business we have to collect 8% sales TAX from buyers in California. 

"...once I fired up with the High Current Foundation power cable on my Preamp, even without burn-in this time, there is only one word to describe the sound the best ... "Alive" ... The dynamic from the nicely managed bass is even more impressive than the 12 AWG Source one. And the total musicality and tonality better both my Audioquest Tornado Source and High-Current cables. The AQ Tornados retailing double the prices than the SR Foundation by the way..."

" a former contributor/reviewer for a prominent web-based audio magazine, my short term experience with the Synergistic Research Foundation interconnect and power cords can be summed up in one word "Exceptional". Right out of the box the Foundation interconnect and power cords demonstrated a powerful illustration of bass and treble that for its cost is a surprise and is overwhelmingly good. I discovered while listening to these cables new life in familiar recordings with more organic sparkle. Thank you Alfred and Betty for turning me on to these gems..."

"...the more I listened the more I liked the Foundation cable. And then there was the bass. Tightness, depth and punch was off the Richter scale better than the blue. It was not a little difference. It was a slap you in the face differences! I love this cable. To conclude, if anyone asks you if the Foundation AC cable is worth a hundred bucks more than the blue my response would be an unqualified YES! If it doesn’t take food off the table or clothes off the kids, spend the extra hundred..."

Foundation power cables start with the Orange UEF Fuse treatment and conditioning process to deliver the same sonic balance as the award winning Orange Fuses combined with the Foundation Series 99.9995% pure silver conductors in an air dialectic for effortless detail and musicality.

For clean current delivery SR utilizes 3 x 12 gauge or 3 x 10 gauge copper matrix alloy conductors for AC and Ground combined with Foundation pure silver Air String Geometries to create power cords with the Foundation Series sonic balance of low noise floor, explosive dynamics, air, detail, you are there holographic realism and musicality that blends with any system.


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