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Buying Basics

We strive to create the easiest and best possible user experience you could expect when itcomes to buying the gear and music you love. Building the perfect listening room is aseasy as the click of a button.

Buying Options

  • Offer: Classified listings allow you to make offers to sellers to try and getthe item your interested in for the best possible price. Sellers have a choice of whether toaccept your offer, make a counteroffer or reject your offer entirely.
  • Bid: Auction listings allow you to place bids on an item. By deciding on themaximum amount you'd want to spend on an item and setting your maximum bid amount accordingly,you can take advantage of our proxy bidding system.
  • Buy It Now: If a seller allows this option on their listing, it'll be the bestway to get an item you're interested in. As soon as you choose to Buy It Now, theclassified or auction ends and the item is yours!

How Bidding Works

  • Maximum Bid: To have the best chance of winning an item you're interested in,enter in the highest price you'd be willing to pay for the item. Our proxy bidding systemwill make sure you get it for the best possible price.
  • Proxy Bidding: Ensuring you get the item you want for the best possible price, ourproxy bidding system will bid on your behalf, creating a bid for the lowest possible amount to keepyou in the lead, but not exceeding the amount you've set as your maximum bid.
  • Notifications: Set it and forget it. Once you've set your maximum bid, we'll takecare of the rest until somebody places a higher maximum bid. If they do, we'll notify you so thatcan re-visit your bid amount and make sure the item doesn't get away!

Paying Basics

Paying for the gear you've purchased shouldn't be an obstacle, so we're going to make sure thatit isn't. With multiple payment options and secure transactions, you can buy with confidence andpay with ease.

Payment Options


A safe and easy way to accept payments. Shop with confidence under theprotection of the PayPal Purchase Protection guarantee.

Credit Card

Credit cards may be processed off-site per the sellers preferred method for accepting payment.You may process your credit card transactions through PayPal for additional security. reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects and holds funds from the Buyer, and only disburses funds to the Seller once both the Buyer and Seller are satisfied.

Money Order / Personal Check
Cash on Delivery

Finding What You're Looking For

We've set out to create an engaging and enjoyable experience for discovering great equipment and music.On top of presenting the right content at the right time, we've implemented ample searching andfiltering functionality to make sure you find exactly what you're looking for.

Searching Basics

  • Search By User: Familiarity is a comforting thing - no less so in a marketplace forhigh-end audio. Already have a specific user who you'd prefer to deal with? No problem. You can searchspecifically for their offerings.
  • Search By Title: The most basic component of search and exactly what you'd expect it tobe. If you know you only want to search for offerings from Marantz or McIntosh, we've got you covered.
  • Search By Zipcode: Shipping is expensive and shopping locally seems to be the hottopic lately anyways - we understand. Searching by zipcode allows you to find items for sell nearyou. Listen before you buy, avoid shipping costs, build a relationship with an audiophile in your area.

Curated Content

  • Category Pages: If you know a specific category you want to search within, agreat place to start is the Browse dropdown in the navbar. From there, you can selectyour desired category. Category pages will present you with any Featured listings within thegiven category. If you don't see what you're looking for there, you can continue into themarketplace to see all items in the category.
  • New Today: One of the most popular destinations in our marketplace, NewToday will give you everything that's, well, new to the marketplace. We've got it brokenout into easily navigable sections to help you find items that are most relevant to you.
  • Ending Today: If you want to pick up a good deal right before the opportunitydisappears, this is the place to go. HINT: Sellers may be more willing to make you akiller deal when their listing is coming down to the wire!
  • Amazing Deals: These are going to be the best bargains for you buck anywherein our marketplace. At prices well below retail, you're assured to be getting anincredible deal, no matter what it is you fall in love with.
  • Hot Items: Our most popular listings in our marketplace, you can be assured thatthese listings won't last long. The higher the view count, the less likely they are to last beyondthe end of this sente

Leaving Feedback

Your feedback is one of the most important pieces of our marketplace and the high-end audiocommunity at large. With that in mind, please adhere to three basic rules to create a betterexperience for everyone:

Be Honest

Be Constructive

Be Civil

Helpful Tips

To ensure the best buying experience

  • When bidding on an item, it's best to enter the maximum you'd be willing to pay and allow our proxy bidding to work on your behalf.
  • Beware of sellers who are insisting that payment be made via wire transfer, as this method offers no protection for the buyer.
  • Worried about losing an item that you're very interested in? Go for Buy It Now - one click and it's yours!
  • Communication is key. Be sure to ask any questions about an item you're interested in up front, so there's no surprises after purchase.