Music Program

You've got a lot of music to move and we want to help

Benefits for Dealers

Bulk Uploading

No need to build individual listings, simply upload your entire inventory!

No Transaction Fees

Unlimited listings with no insertion or transaction fees.

20 Featured Listings

20 free Featured listings per month! This includes Bold and Thumbnail; a $400 value!

Personalized eStore

eStores allow you to personalize your presence on Audiogon. Add photos andbanners, describe your services and lines offered, and display your logo.

Dealer Directory

You'll be included in our directory as well as given a "Verified Dealer" badge. This helpsadd visibility and credibility to your listings.

More Images

Add up to 16 images to each item as well as rich-text formatting for your item descriptions.

Get On Board

Helpful Tips

To get the most bang for your buck

  • Promote your eStore through all social media at your disposal
  • Prepare your eStore's banner image at 520x163 pixels (or similar aspect ratio)
  • Utilize Active Banners to get as much exposure as possible
  • Respond to buyers promptly and courteously
  • Prepare your eStore's logo image at 80x63 pixels (or a similar aspect ratio)
  • Sit back and enjoy the benefits of being a preferred member of the vast Audiogon community!