Adona CorporationAV45CS 1 newAdona Corporation AV45CS 1  Amp Stand Made in USA!This stand offers the precision, elegance and durability of fine granite without the sound degradation effects normally associated with using stone or other crystalline materials as a shelf medium....500.00
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Adona Corporation AV45CS 1 Amp Stand Made in USA! [Expired]

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This stand offers the precision, elegance and durability of fine granite without the sound degradation effects normally associated with using stone or other crystalline materials as a shelf medium. Truly a design breakthrough that proves the old saying: "simple solutions tend to be the best ones".

Here’s what Bob and Bernie had to say:
I bought a rack and 2 amp stands a few months back. - In a word - awesome! These are phenomenal stands at a very reasonable price. Thank you! BOB

"just wanted it to let you know packages arrived in A+ conditions, beautiful job on those amp stands, I love it, my Kronzilla sounds much much better and they look cool! Thanks so much." Bernie

It features a unique, resonance-damping shelve support system with a genuine granite shelf. The weight capacity is over 300 lbs per shelf. This model includes one platform with a slab of 1/2 inch thick stone. The stone slab measures 18" x 18",(upgrade any shelf to 19 x 24 inch for an additional $150.00) is black in color and is bonded to a 3/4 inch thick anti-resonant substrate. This prevents the stone from "ringing". The resulting damping effect is equivalent to that of stone several inches thick! The welded steel frame incorporates additional vibration-deflection technology and when used in conjunction with the platform module, provides the ultimate in component isolation. The frame features built-in leveling devices, 3/16 thick attachment plates and is shot fill-able. Components up to 20 inches wide by 20 deep will fit provided that their feet are less than 18 inches apart. (most components are only 17 inches wide) The aluminum columns include injection-molded end-caps for a finished look. The rack is coupled to the floor via large solid-brass cones.

The Adona anti-resonant technology is the result of many years of research and development. Our secret is in the way we transfer energy back-and-forth between the different layers of materials. The material mismatch is deliberate and well executed and nulls-out any of the negative effects of each material producing a flat response throughout the entire audio spectrum. Guaranteed! Competitors have tried their own version of this design by substituting other materials between the MDF and granite(or worse yet just plain granite)! And the results are always the same, a compromise in sound-stage and a sense of harshness in the upper mid-range.

This unit is 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep and is 6 inches tall. Other heights are available. This is one of the most rigid stands available anywhere. The appearance is absolutely stunning! Silver columns and black x-frames are standard. You have your choice of silver or black columns. We offer Cherry trimmed platforms for an extra $100.00 for the standard 18 x 18 platform and $100.00 for the over-sized 19 x 24 platform. The Amp stand includes your choice of silver or black x-frames at no extra charge. We also offer larger and smaller platforms Please call for pricing.

Later you can turn this amp stand into a 2 level, 3 level, 4 level etc. rack give us a call to find out how.

This unit is very heavy but is UPS shippable. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

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