AudioQuestRCA 5M Water 72v DBSusedAudioQuest RCA 5M Water 72v DBS (16' 4")Selling a used pair of RCAs from AudioQuest. These are 5M (16' 4") Water 72v DBS RCA in the original box. Retail $1,550. Offering an extraordinary combination of performance and value, Wate...699.00

AudioQuest RCA 5M Water 72v DBS (16' 4") [Expired]

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Selling a used pair of RCAs from AudioQuest. These are 5M (16' 4") Water 72v DBS RCA in the original box. Retail $1,550.


Offering an extraordinary combination of performance and value, Water is the entry-level model of AudioQuest’s award-winning Elements Series of interconnects. It combines tried-and-true AQ design techniques with some of the company’s most sophisticated engineering.


Offering Exceptional Purity and Clarity

Inspired by naturally flowing water, AudioQuest's Water interconnect cable offers exceptional purity and clarity. Water interconnects feature AudioQuest's Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) conductors, a 72-volt Dielectric-Bias System (DBS), a Carbon-Based 6-Layer Noise-Dissipation System (NDS), Polyethylene Air-Tube Insulation, Triple-Balanced Geometry, and High-Purity Red Copper Plugs.

Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) Conductors

Solid conductors prevent both strand-to-strand contacts and magnetic interaction, major sources of distortion. Surface quality is critical because a conductor can be considered as a rail-guide for both the electric fields within a conductor, and for the magnetic fields outside the conductor. The astonishingly smooth and pure surface of all AudioQuest's Perfect-Surface metals nearly eliminates harshness and greatly increases clarity compared to all other premium coppers. The extreme purity of PSC+ further minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries, which exist within any metal conductor.

Dielectric-Bias System

All insulation slows down the signal on the conductor inside. When insulation is unbiased, it slows down parts of the signal differently, a big problem for very time-sensitive multi-octave audio. AudioQuest's DBS creates a strong, stable electrostatic field which saturates and polarizes (organizes) the molecules of the insulation. This minimizes both energy storage in the insulation and the multiple nonlinear time-delays that occur. Sound appears from a surprisingly black background with unexpected detail and dynamic contrast. The DBS battery packs will last for years. A test button and LED allow for the occasional battery check.

Carbon-Based 6-Layer Noise-Dissipation System

Water's Carbon-Based 6-Layer Noise-Dissipation System shields the shield, reducing the RFI contamination of the equipment ground plane so that airborne noise doesn't spoil your sound.

Polyethylene Air-Tube Insulation

The Polyethylene Air-Tube Insulation used in Water interconnect has almost no contact between conductors and insulation. This further reduces smearing and preserves dynamics.

Triple-Balanced Geometry

Triple-Balanced Geometry is a hallmark of AudioQuest cables. Proper ground-reference conductor prevents using the shield as an inferior ground-reference conductor.

High-Purity Red Copper Plugs

Superior metallurgy makes a huge difference. Water uses cold-welded, hanging-silver plating directly over high-purity red copper plugs. Either unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR plugs are available.


Because all drawn metal is directional, all audio cables are directional. AudioQuest analog and digital audio cables are all controlled for correct directionality. For the best sound, please use the cable with the arrows pointing from source to receiver or component.

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