Avanti AudioVivace Speaker CablesnewAvanti Audio Vivace Speaker Cables - 8ft with WBT-0610Cu Locking Bananas & WBT-0681Cu 5/16 Copper SpadesPlease check out our new Avanti Audio Vivace cable review, "When Nice Gets Nicer..." at Stereo Times! HEADS UP ABOUT A NEW AND AS OF YET, UNDEFINED AUDIOGON FEE FOR BUYERS! https://support.au...950.00
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Avanti Audio Vivace Speaker Cables - 8ft with WBT-0610Cu Locking Bananas & WBT-0681Cu 5/16 Copper Spades [Expired]

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Please check out our new Avanti Audio Vivace cable review, "When Nice Gets Nicer..." at Stereo Times!


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In response to customer requests over the past few years for wanting a bit more excitement from a speaker cable, we’re proud to announce our answer to this request with our latest generation Vivace High-End Audiophile Speaker Cables. What’s different about Vivace compared to our popular Allegro speaker cables? First, a little background on the Allegro series speaker cables is in order. At the inception of the Allegro Speaker Cables back in 2010 we focused on creating a speaker cable that would “do no harm” and appeal to a majority of listeners. With this, “do no harm” philosophy and design we were (and still are) able to create a loudspeaker cable in Allegro that pleased and continues to please many audiophiles; that would also marry with myriad of amplifier / speaker combinations and offend very few listeners. However, this philosophy can also lead to a somewhat less than exciting sounding speaker cable with its overall polite “do no harm” character. Enter Vivace.

The Vivace Audiophile Speaker Cables are our offering for audiophiles to choose if they want a more exciting, several-rows-back from the stage type presentation that better showcases detail and dynamics in their music. Vivace is essentially more dynamic, more detailed and more expressive than Allegro without going over the top and becoming aggressive, fatiguing or too in-your-face. If the micro or macro dynamics are there, Vivace will present them in all their glory. If the volume is turned down or turned way up, the details, sound stage and transparency remain stable and airy. The more you listen, the more you’ll appreciate the top to bottom coherency, tonal accuracy and expressive presentation that Vivace serves up.

Sticking with a similar physical design as the Allegro Speaker Cables, our Vivace Speaker Cables are comprised of four individual runs of cable conductors covered in braided PET sleeving and are separated from each other with catalyzed lacquer finished solid Alder hardwood blocks. The blocks of wood can be slid up or down the cable lengths as needed to keep the cables neatly dressed while lying on the floor. The Alder hardwood blocks are primarily cosmetic but do serve as a reminder for the user to try to keep the two cables (+ and - runs) for the left channel and two cables (+ and - runs) for the right channel separated from each other with some air space between runs. In this situation with air-space becoming the dielectric between each channel’s positive and negative signal runs, the overall capacitance of the cable pairs remains vanishingly low if not immeasurable.

Each separate run of cable that make up the Vivace Speaker Cables (four runs of cable total per stereo pair) is a highly flexible and easy to work with 8-gauge aggregate of ultra-fine stranded 99.999% OFC copper to feed each speaker and amplifier terminal. We find that the use of high purity OFC conductors for our speaker cables match a great number of equipment types and listener-ears over other metals or metal-mix designs. The resultant sonic signature with high purity OFC in the speaker cable role tends to be on the slightly warm side of neutral and with the Vivace Audiophile Speaker Cables, even though they are ever so slightly warm they remain vibrant, detailed and exciting with astounding bass clarity and depth.


Vivace Speaker Cable Specifications:

  • Aggregate 8Ga 99.999% OFC cable runs
  • Highly flexible cable design
  • Solid Alder hardwood separator blocks
  • PET Braided Sleeving
  • Genuine German made WBT connectors: WBT-0610Cu Nextgen 45° Locking Banana Plugs -or- WBT-0681Cu Nextgen 5/16 Copper Spades


*** This listing is for a 8ft long pair of Vivace speaker cables terminated with WBT-0610Cu Locking Banana Plugs on one end and WBT-0681Cu 5/16" Copper Spades on the other end ***

Price is $950.00 for the 8 foot length pair of speaker cables. Shipping is a FLAT RATE of $10.00 for this listing within the Continental United States and a FLAT RATE of $40.00 for Canada and Worldwide. We will combine shipping for multiple items purchased in most cases at the listed FLAT RATE charge.

Please visit our Vivace Cables Series page for more details, other offerings and more options for payment other than PayPal.

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